Myself and Lize van Schaik exhibited on the following show:

ASSEMBLAGE is pleased to present Diptych, a group exhibition”
“opening in Braamfontein on 19 September 2013. The exhibition will run until the end of September as a Fringe event to the Joburg Art Fair.”
“Diptych is an exhibition of 45 artists speaking to each other”
“and to the audience; jousting in a tete-a-tete and tit for tat of 23 conversations, dialogic performances and interactive explorations. Their conversations are real and gritty, following on from a long line of conversations between artists: “We must talk to each other as much as we can, [Matisse] told Pablo one day. “When one of us dies, there will be some things the other will never be able to talk about with anyone else” (Gilot/ Lake 1964, 264).”
“The work in Diptych captures this, with the artists locating their”
“conversations in the now of South Africa as a thermometer of the contemporary present for artists standing outside the gallery scene. Obsessed with clashes in culture, a sense of abandonment and neglect, belonging, materiality, shared visual poetics and the obsession of the public with a need to be in conversation, the artworks range across mediums and and styles in a cacophony of arguments, debates and consensus. Located in the space of a building being formed with bricks and mortar, Diptych shouts out in the larger context of Braamfontein, in conversation with the larger growth and impermanence of Johannesburg.”